"But I'm Not The Only One"  Other Film Shooters Whose Work I Admire! 

Adam Paul fiddles with all order of quirky cameras and films!

Andrew Douglas Holman is an ace composition shooter and has helped me tremendously over the years.

Joey Pasco is a Baltimore-based photojournalist who specializes in travel photos and portraiture.  A good friend since college, he is largely responsible for me getting into photography in the first place!

Patrick Joust is a medium format film photographer whose current residence and work is in Baltimore, MD near where I grew up.  Interestingly, he also shoots at night in available light but his subjects are the old cars and architecture of the inner city.  With long shutter speeds on color film, and lively compositions he produces sharp brilliant images that lend charm to a seemingly charmless area.

Vivian Maier See what happens when you keep putting off processing your film?  You become famous, posthumously!

Tomasz Guzowaty is considered to be one of the top photojournalists in the world today yet he shoots only on large format b&w film & makes optical/chemical prints, without the use of digital technology in his workflow.  He expresses emotion, movement & direction with imagery that is sometimes out of focus & blurred but with a compelling math & poetry that immediately draws the viewer into the scene.

Edward Olive is a Spanish photojournalist whose wedding film photography I've admired for years.  His work is diverse, ever-evolving yet always so true to the moment.

Ellen Rogers shoots analog exclusively and is based in London. Her portraits resemble disturbing water color paintings.

James V. Mignogna is an east coast photojournalist whose handcrafted gold and palladium prints are sure to astound.  

Brian Henry used to quietly process my film at a Baltimore lab that destroyed so much of my photos & even criticized how I was shooting that I made the decision to process my own work & be done with the bollocks.  Despite my frustrations with his disparaging viewpoints and commentary, I have to admit, Brian's instant film work is some of the most compelling I've encountered!

Conan Y. Fugit is a creative shooter with diverse interests including running a rolling photobooth in which clients can get their own digital or hand-developed film photos.  Conan's stark but contemplative compositional photos and knowledge of classic cameras have been long time motivators for me.

Oleg Oprisco Thought soft muted colours and surreal emotional scenes were the realm of digital?   

Tanja Lipper is a California-based film photographer who earned a place in the 2014 Martha Stewart Top Wedding Photographers.

The Brothers Wright are doing some really exciting things with their wedding film photography by using unusual cameras & lenses that have been heavily customized for their work.  Among their porfolio, they integrate instant & even motion film into their packages.  They even managed to wide release CineStill film which is Kodak Vision motion picture film modified to be used in still cameras & processed in common C41 chemistry.